In order to start shopping, users must first be able to find your online shop in search engines

"Ownmyshop provides built-in SEO and your online store is optimized for all major search engines ensuring your store is easily reachable to customers worldwide. MORE »

SEO increases online traffic, brand visibility and sales. Ownmyshop's built-in SEO is packed with features to make your online marketing more effective.

  • Search engine friendly links
  • Constant optimization to compete the latest algorithm changes in the search engines.
  • On-page optimization by adding title tags, meta tag description and tags, keywords and clean HTML codes .
  • Advanced optimization techniques by the SEO experts.
  • ALT tags for images.
  • W3C validated HTML.
  • Meta keywords
  • HTML Code separated from CSS Code and JavaScript
  • Hosting in high speed servers for quick loading of pages.
Your shop design, just as you want it...

Ownmyshop gives you more than 100 theme templates uniquely designed for your online store. Choose a design template which is the right one to showcase your products. Ownmyshop also offers you support to create your own website design or to customize a readily available design template. MORE »

The built-in marketing tools of Ownmyshop is a complete package with features essential for an effective online business.

  • More than 100 quality design templates crafted precisely for various industries.
  • Complete support from Ownmyshop to customize the website design as per your requirement.
  • Simple admin area to easily manage the product showcase of your website.
  • Option to open your online store in your own business name or as a sub domain in Ownmyshop.
  • A website design with In-built payment gateway enables you to do business online immediately.
  • All website designs are responsive designs which realigns automatically to be viewable in any of the gadgets… smart phone, tab, laptop, desktop, etc.,
Product Catalog

Setting up your product catalog is made simple

Ownmyshop includes all necessary features, to start selling online in just minutes. Adding products to your catalog is made simple and you have the option to add products one by one or in bulk. MORE »

  • Sell any type of product including digital products which are downloadable.
  • Upload complete product catalog from a data file.
  • Structuring of products in multilevels.
  • Facility to group the products based on type, categories, brands, tags etc.,
  • Facility to publish the presentation pages for the brands.
  • Each product has exclusive gallery to showcase the images of the product.
  • Each product is facilitated with multiple attributes with the option to set up product variants.
  • Stock administration, including automatic notification when stock level drops below certain limits.
  • Option to define default tax and also with the option to customize taxes.

A simple system to manage your product data efficiently

Management of online shop is made simple and easy to handle in Ownmyshop with the essential tools to import and export data or the ability to connect the online shop to other systems or third-party applications. MORE »

  • Bulk upload of products from TXT, CSV, Excel or XML.
  • Option to export product details in predefined formats and in custom formats.
  • Exporting of Client data and Order data in multiple desired formats.
  • Export Invoice as an individual file or as a consolidated file of all invoices.
  • Feature to access to API resource to facilitate connection to desired third-party systems.
  • The products are optimized for feeds to various price comparison websites.
  • New products and special offers RSS feeds are enabled.
  • Feature to enable built-in apps for Live Chat, Email Marketing, Marketing & SEO and many more apps.

Built-in Marketing Tools in Ownmyshop helps in increasing the traffic to your online store which results in high volumes of sales and increase in profit. Ownmyshop's built-in marketing tools increases the visibility of your online store in search engines and social media websites which effectively improve your business. MORE »

The built-in marketing tools of Ownmyshop is a complete package with features essential for an effective online business.

  • Integrated with social media websites.
  • Facility for Special Promotion classifications as products with discounts, products with free gifts, products with free shipping and product bundles.
  • Discount Coupons.
  • Client grouping based on the history of the client.
  • Promotional banners.
  • Positioning of distinctive icons for new products, products with discounts and products with special offers.
  • Upselling module to showcase related products

Instant updation of customized content in online shop is made easily accessible

An online shop visitor turns as a client when the visitor trusts. Ownmyshop provides the freedom to publish all the product information that the client needs, in a fast and easy manner. The multiple admin users system ensures security and allows only the designated members of the staff to access certain data. MORE »

  • The interface to manage the administration of online shop is 100% web-based and compatible to most popular browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.,
  • SEO friendly pages
  • Option to setup banners and product promotions.
  • Management of default pages.
  • File manager option to upload files.
  • Editable automatic notification email where the predefined texts and content can be edited.
  • Contact form which sends notification to the defined email ID.
  • The edit facility is enabled with WYSIWYG editor.
  • Option to publish personal pages or links in other websites.
  • Multiple admin logins are enabled with specified access levels and personalized permissions for viewing or editing.

Your Ownmyshop online shop makes it possible for you to start selling online in just minutes. We offer you built-in offline and online payment systems. You can set up the desired shipping methods and associated costs. You can easily monitor and manage your inventory. And last but not the least, our billing system helps you keep everything under control.


Visitors become clients and come back for more shopping

The checkout system is efficient and the loyalty program is well planned to do wonders in terms of conversion rates. The dedicated built-in features in Ownmyshop store draws attention of the visitor and effectively manages the visitor’s database. MORE »

  • Order placement is kept simple and quick (no registration needed).
  • Facebook connect is enabled for Client login.
  • Option for the end clients to review product or to submit opinions using the default commenting system, Facebook Comments or other commenting applications.
  • Option to export client data, including data regarding orders placed.
  • Option to group clients in preferential prices, based on client history.
  • Tracking of abandoned carts and the option to directly contact potential clients by email
  • Option for Clients / Visitors to subscribe to newsletter, exporting of subscribers list and connection to Email Marketing applications.

Focus on the growth of business while we take care of the stability and security of your online store.

Ownmyshop provides highest reliability and security. Get freed from the worries of technical infrastructures, hosting, servers or downtime and invest your valuable time in expanding the business. MORE »

The built-in marketing tools of Ownmyshop is a complete package with features essential for an effective online business.

  • E-Commerce architecture in cloud system.
  • Assurance of 100% scalability of the website.
  • Backup of data on daily basis is set as default.
  • Premium hosting.
  • High redundancy.
  • 99% and above uptime.