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Own your online store in minutes, ownmyshop opens your store in a few easy steps. Just give your domain name and contact details. Finally choose your template. Now your store is ready to sell your products.
Built-in Marketing Tools in Ownmyshop helps in increasing the traffic to your online store which results in high volumes of sales and increase in profit.
Everytime you get an order, on your online store we help you deliver it with our integrated shipping & logistics tie-up.
Accept Payment
Get an Integrated Payment gateway for free and instantly accept credit and debit cards online.


Ownmyshop provides built-in SEO and your online store is optimized for all major search engines ensuring your store is easily reachable to customers worldwide. SEO increases online traffic, brand visibility and sales to make your online marketing more effective.


The Product Search feature being the core the function of an online shop, Ownmyshop uses an advanced system for accomplishing the desired searches, based on morphological algorithms and dictionaries. Thus ensuring that the searches are always directed to the product searched with high accuracy.


Ownmyshop gives you more than 100 theme templates uniquely designed for your online store. Choose a design template which is the right one to show case your products. Ownmyshop also offers you support to create your own website design to customize a readily available design template.


A simple system to manage your product data efficiently. Management of online shop is made simple and easy to handle in Ownmyshop with the essential tools to import and export data or the ability to connect the online shop to other systems or third-party applications.


Ownmyshop includes all necessary features, to start selling online store in just minutes. Adding products to your catalog is made simple and you have the option to add products one by one or in bulk. Sell any type of product including digital products which are downloadable.


Your Ownmyshop online shop makes it possible for you to start selling online in just minutes. We offer you built-in offline and online payment systems, you can easily monitor and manage your inventory and last but not the least; our billing system helps you keep everything under control.

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You can also customize your store 100%, in terms of design or E-commerce feature.